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Everything you always wanted to know about All Outta Gum, why and how it all happened ...
Does All Outta Gum wear green, red, black or even brown ? I don’t care much for human categorisers, social-anarchists idiots or savers of Willy and all cute things. All Outta Gum likes rats and cockroaches but they can take care of themselves. As for men, they are the choices they make. What they don’t choose is of no interest to me
Who is All Outta Gum ? Well that’s me, the guy who offers you this site full of games and cartoons in flash, courtesy of Noel Gambiez, AllOuttagum's cartoonist friend. This is not a porno site even if sex may be part of it just like it is part of life. Clicking exit will take you to Google. No girls here yet, just some games and jokes to enjoy.The dark prophet gives you his tales: Ducky or why do ducks quack by Noel Gambiez. Manfredo the incubus. Here are two shoot-them-all mini flash games, courtesy of Noel Gambiez. Spaghetto for the Italian western fans : be the death dealer gunman. Be Barbot the beetle and splatter some insects going after your dung ball. Win the Jackpot. Play Blackjack.
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Otabigwhan Coffinman
What matters to All Outta Gum is to remain at the top of the food chain. Bow to nothing, bow to no one and enjoy a few silly games and cartoons. If you choose to serve, be the master of your own servitude. Master it so well that you gonna make your Master, God or whatever else have you, jealous of you. All Outta Gum loves his id, likes his ego but does not despise his superego. I am neither nice nor cool